About Melanie Kerr...

Growing up in Cornwall, I was immersed in my parents’ landscaping and plant nursery business and could often be found in the polytunnel pricking out bedding plants for pocket money as a teenager.


Having travelled extensively in my 20s, I came to the RHS Horticulture Diploma in my 30s and embraced the Level 3 while wrangling three young children in a doer-upper.


I have finally reached a stage in our family life where I can follow my calling into horticulture and commit my days to making the world a bit greener, garden by garden.


My passion is transforming front gardens into wildlife havens.


Front gardens are often overlooked in favour of our back yard spaces but smiling every time you open the front door as the front garden beams back at you is my goal.


“Work isn't work if you love what you do” (said someone once).

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