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Melanie Kerr Garden Services
Garden Design & Maintenance

Environmentally Minded Design & Organic Gardening Practices.
Bristol based, quality workmanship at competitively priced rates. 

My passion is to green up the grey! I love to design environmentally friendly front and back gardens full of pollinator-friendly plants,

while also incorporating all the more functional features of your dream garden.


Biophilic design is the term used for design and architecture that focuses on our connection to green spaces and nature.

This means bringing the outdoors inside through the use of houseplants, while also creating links that turn the outside into an

extension of your living space.


I can help you achieve this in your green space through the use of raised beds, vertical planters, lounge seating areas, hot tubs,

well-placed lighting and firepits that all encourage more time spent outdoors.


There are endless ways I can help you with your outdoor space. Whether large or small, at the front of the house or the back,

my goal is to transform your outdoor space so that it performs all year round – connecting you with nature and providing a

soothing place to relax with family, entertain, or just be.

I am a RHS Level 3 Horticulturalist, certified Waste Carrier, fully insured and a member of the Gardeners Guild.


Get in touch and let’s chat about how I can help your garden make you smile.