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Melanie Kerr Garden Services
Planting Plans & Plant Sourcing Service

My passion is creating well thought out borders that provide all year interest, be it a completely new garden or revamping an existing tired border.  I offer planting plan or border design and a comprehensive plant sourcing service. 

The Planting Plan shows the location and spacing of all the plants, both new and existing, in the design. The accompanying Plant Schedule lists the plant names, sizes and quantities and is used for costing, ordering and setting out the plants.

I can source annual/perennials right through to specimen large shrubs and trees.  This is a stand alone service so you do not need to engage with a full garden design to access our plant sourcing service.


Get in touch for an initial conversation and we will then book you in for a Garden Consult - this will be £130 for 2 hours.  This process involves checking the aspect, soil conditions and evulating the site.  We then listen to your aspirations for your outdoor space and plant likes/dislikes taking into consideration maintenance. We will also take measurements of the proposed site to draw up the survey. Planting Plans include moodboards, plant schedules and maintenance plans start at £150.

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Front Garden Design & Planting

Planting Advice

Plant Sourcing

Planting Plans

Front Garden Design & Planting

Front gardens are generally under-utilised. They can be a wildlife haven, offer attractive curb appeal, be a talking point with neighbours and provide important services such as water harvesting. But often they are a space that people walk through every day and spend very little thought on.


If you are looking to install a driveway?  Get in touch, it doesn't have to be soul-less and simply functional space I can design borders with year-round interest to suit any taste, budget, or desire! 


I can tidy and maintain existing borders and breathe life back into tired spaces giving the front of your property a boost.

Front garden design 
front garden planting
Melanie Kerr Garden Services Bristol

I can guide you through what is often a bewildering choice of plants and ensure that the plants you select go in the right place, with the right aspect and in the right soil.

From a border refresh to raised borders to new border creation, it is worthwhile investing in getting advice for planting plans to ensure you get an amazing display that will last for years to come.


I am adept at pruning and can rejuvenate existing plants and trees.


I can also help with improving soil conditions and suggesting ways to increase soil health.

Plant Sourcing

We have access to a wide range of trade nurseries specialising perennials of all sizes to suit different budgets.

We will always bare in mind your colour schemes and match plants to the aspect, soil and site conditions of your garden.

We are able to supply hedging plants for boundaries as well as unusual planting such as umbrella style specimen trees, living fence panels and pleached trees.

By sourcing the plants via our trade network we get the same garden centre quality plants but at a greatly reduced cost.

planting sourcing planting plans planting design
Melanie Kerr Garden Services creating beautiful garden designs with pollinator friendly plants

Planting Plans

Our design services ensures that we create a border that you are thrilled about and will enjoy for years to come.  Moodboards and plant suitability will be apart of the design process so that we can realise the full potential of your outdoor space.

We will accurately measuring your garden and by using our expert plant knowledge, we will be able to supply and plant up a border with plants that will thrive.

Planting plans start from £150 for small borders.

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Front Garden Desig & Planting
Planting Advice
Plant Sourcing
Planting Plans
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