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Check out our Gardening Kit Recommendations

Updated: Feb 21

All our gardening tools , handy equipment and machinery recommendations in one handy place!

This is an affiliate blog so if you click through and purchase we do receive a small percentage but more importantly, these are the tools we use everyday and wouldn't recommend anything that doesn't work efficiently or isn't built to last.

Grab a cuppa and settle in for a shopping spree!

Wolf Garten multi change kit is a brilliant space saving system. Its robust and has many many options - just a few here are:

Ryobi is a well-known manufacturer of dependable tools that are used in both household and industrial settings.

Ryobi's product line has significantly improved in quality in recent years and now includes more than 125 items. All of their tools use 18-volt lithium-ion batteries in the One Plus system, which is known for providing impressive value and ample power for most tasks.

The batteries are sold separately or you may find that you can get a starter kit with one of the tools. Anything bigger than a 3ah is bulky and adds quite a lot of weight to the tool.

Secateurs are used in different ways in the garden, and that is why they are so popular as a tool. This one tool can handle dozens of various tasks in the garden, so you can be sure that you will get good use out of them.

Japanese tools are a popular choice for very good reason - robust, super sharp and versatile - there's not much to dislike - these are investment pieces that will last for years.

One of our favourite tools that we have in our arsenal is this Stihl GTA 26 - not only is it small but it is might. Making tree pruning a really quick job and the clear up even quicker.

There are ALWAYS times when you simply can't reach what you need to prune or cut back. Safety is at the core of everything we do and an orchard tripod ladder is high up on that list.

Tools we can't live without come! Not that we can't live without the other tools but these are particularly brilliant for lots of different reasons.

Firstly the rootslayer spade - such a versatile tool. Lifting established shrubs with minimal root disturbance, breaking compacted soil or simply digging holes quickly and efficiently. We wouldn't be without one.

The in at Number 2 we've got the Fiskars long-reach pruner which is amazing and often replaces the need to have a ladder - featuring an ingenious, power-boosting mechanism for cutting fresh wood up to Ø 32 mm with a reach of 3,5 meters. The pole is made of lightweight, weather-resistant aluminium with an ergonomic SoftGrip™ handle for comfort, control and a non-slip hold.

Next up comes the tool bag - not to be under rated - having a place to keep all your smaller hand tools and batteries is just as important in our book - plus where else are you going to store your med kit and your flask of coffee!

More important than a tool bag is the double tool holster - if you've ever had to empty the green waste bin after a long day pruning or weeding then you'll know that its a painful mistake. It might be a significant outlay but so is the horihori at around £30 and any pair of secateurs worth their salt are of a similar price or more.

Looking after your back is key when you're clearing up - and these leaf grabbers are brilliant at collecting leaves and garden waste quickly without having to bend down or over.


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