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Gardening Gift Cards

Exciting news! We've launched a range of gift cards where you can book either a Garden Design Consult or a Gardening Masterclass with Melanie.

2 Hour Garden Design Consult Perfect for those who want to design their own garden but not sure where to start. What's included:

  • Pre-meeting chat to discuss requirements

  • 2 hour meeting in your garden led by Melanie

  • Garden analysis and advice on what's there already

  • Looking at the aspect, soil type and your garden aspirations

  • Design ideas and how to implement them

2 Hour Garden Masterclass

Perfect for those who don't have any experience & want to learn how to look after their garden. What's included:

  • Pre meeting chat to discuss requirements

  • 2 hour masterclass on how to care for your garden led by Melanie

  • Best practice for garden maintenance and ideas on how to improve particular areas

  • Planting solutions and suggestions on plant choices

  • Pest and disease identification and solutions

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