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Protect Yourself Whilst Gardening: Our Must-Have PPE Recommendations

Updated: Jan 27

We're going to start with the gardening PPE that we use to make sure our Bristol gardens keep us out of a&e!

So lets start with hands, as they are your most important tool...

Gardening Gloves

Whilst Cooljob offer a massive range of gardening gloves they do a great range of recycled and bamboo summer gloves:

All at an affordable price so that you can have back up pairs for those days when the rain is relentless:

Starting at £11.99 for 3 pairs these gloves wash well, dry quickly and are built to last.

Starting at £12.99 for 3 pairs these gloves also wash well, dry quickly and are although not puncture proof, are suitable for all sorts of gardening tasks

100% Recycled Polyester Base - About 1.3 plastic bottles recycled into every pair, about 3.9 plastic bottles recycled into each package. Recycled polyester used are free of harmful substances. Approved by Oeko-tex Standard 100, an Independent Certification System that confirm the human-ecological safety of textile products. Machine washable.

We've all been out in the mud and cold but these Cooljob Winter Gardening Gloves enable you to work longer without having to change them up.

Fleece lined that doesn't come away when you take your hands out - they wash well and do dry well - not as quickly as the summer gloves but certainly do not go crispy or shrink like the leather alternative gloves.

3/4 Coating with Warm Fleece - 3/4 dipped thicken rubber coating keep hands warm & dry while doing task in cold weather conditions.

Extra soft terry inner delivers a comfortable working experience. Thicken terry absorbs sweat to keep hands warm and dry. Spandex added to enhance dexterity.

Non-slip Durable Coating - Sandy latex applied for a firm grip when working with tools. Fully protect your fingers, no more freezing finger in autumn and winter.

Ideal for gardening, fishing, warehousing, farming, handling, packaging etc. Machine washable.

Cooljob take their role in your garden seriously and offer a devoted customer service.

For UK customers, they offer One Month Free Trial and Free Lifetime Customer Service. Satisfaction Guaranteed. If not, we shall send you a free replacement or issue a full refund.

Choosing your right size couldn't be easier with this handy gardening glove chart:

Cooljob make is their mission to be as eco-friendly as possible and all gardening gloves are sent out with eco-friendly Packaging - Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper packages, 100% recycled paper. 100% water-based dye used to print package. 100% water-based dye used for patterns. Their premium garden working gloves offer a more comfortable experience with natural and environmentally friendly materials.

They get our vote!

Protecting Your Knees

I am a slim build and find most inbuilt kneepads slip about - these Thunderbolt kneepads have lasted well over 2 years now and are still going strong. I know the velcro fastenings aren't for everyone but they work really well for me and I've definitely saved a lot of stress on my knees.

Designed for a secure fit, the knee pads stay in place while providing exceptional comfort, allowing you to focus on your work without any distractions or discomfort.


So important to protect your eyes - branches, strimming debris or even insects - only takes a second and it could be life changing.

These safety glasses from Kurtzy have been tested and conform to the EN166 standard. They also have resistance to ultraviolet radiation, resistance to corrosion and resistance to ignition. Since these goggles wraparound the face they fit securely on women, men and children with no slipping. See images for full dimensions.

These safety glasses feature an orange rubber grip on the bridge of the nose as well as on the end of the arms that sit behind your ear. This ensures that even when you are facing down working on a project, the eyeglasses will stay firmly on your face. This stops debris and dust - so important.

Steel Toe Capped Safety Boots

Steel toe capped safety boots are a must for us. Beeswift chelsea boots aren't available in any sizes smaller than 6 but we've added comfy insoles and always wear thick socks and actually they've really been great and lasted over 2 years now - we love the fact that they come off easily which is great for minimising the amount of mud transferred into the wagon.

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