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How to look after your lawn this season

I guess there's one thing we love in Britain, and that's a good looking lawn and here's a handy post to help you achieve it!

So many reasons to look after and nurture your living carpet:

  • Improve flood control - a living lawn will absorb heavy rain fall.

  • Lawns clean the air and trap CO2 - not only removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, but it also traps dust to keep it out of both the air and your lungs.

  • Reduce noise - sounds crazy but lawns absorb sound over echoing it vs a terrace.

  • Provide wildlife habitat - worms = more birds

  • Create a cooling effect during warm weather - it will never be too hot to stand on.

  • Add visual appeal - green spaces make for happier people.

We will never recommend putting in plastic over a living lawn #saynotoplasticlawns

Here's our easy step by step guide to a happy lawn.


In high footfall areas, the grass will erode away as the soil becomes compacted.

There are many tools on the market but a garden fork is just as effective.

Aeration can help with this and involves putting small holes into the soil to allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots which will produce a stronger, more vigorous lawn.

There are many tools on the market but a garden fork is just as effective, albeit, significantly more time consuming.


Scarifying is a vital maintenance technique that removes moss or dead organic material from around your grass plants (also known as the thatch layer).

There are many tools on the market but a garden rake is just as effective.

There’s a link to our fav machine in our bio.

The organic matter suffocates the roots of your lawn, inhibiting grass growth while encouraging more weeds and moss.

Show your Lawn some Love

Feed your lawn with an summer fertiliser which is rich in potassium and low in nitrogen. This will give it a much needed boost and help it get through winter.


The grass growth rate will start to speed up with warmer nights and more daylight growing hours. Lowering the height of your mower blades will keep the lawn smart for longer in between cuts.

Sow or re Turf

If the lawn is really damage beyond repair then May’s weather is favourable for establishing grass seed or turfing an area of new lawn.

Just be sure that the seed or turf is suitable for your garden’s aspect and soil type.

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