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Planting Plans... Where to start!

Do you have a blank canvas of a garden or simply need to revamp a section of your garden?

Planting plans and designing a border from scratch or simply refreshing an existing border, all starts with assessing your garden. From the aspect, the situation windy or sheltered to the soil condition - planting in clay is a very different game to planting in sand for instance.

Melanie will spend between

2 hours with you talking about your expectations for looking after the border, when you want it to look its best, when do you use the garden - does it face a kitchen window or can you see it from your dining table. All these things build a picture of how Melanie will select a palette of plants to suit your taste.

Of course, the aftercare is just as important as what to put it. Do you have time to look after the plants or even know what to do when they've finished flowering? Melanie will talk you through all the maintenance pitfalls or potential problems so that you are ready to keep the garden looking its best and thriving.

Appointments start at £149 so get in touch today and book your garden consult.

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