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Why Electric Gardening Tools are the Future: Saying Goodbye to Petrol-Powered Equipment

Exploring the Debate Surrounding Petrol-Powered Gardening Tools in the Wake of Environmental Concerns

With environmental issues continuing to be a pressing topic globally, both consumers and industries are seeking out more sustainable options. The gardening and landscaping industries are no exception to this trend. In light of this, the conversation around the use of petrol-powered gardening tools is gaining traction. Specifically, the question on many people's minds is whether or not petrol-powered gardening tools will be prohibited in the future.

Operating a petrol lawn mower for one hour releases as much smog-forming pollution as driving for 160km (100 miles), says the California Air Resources Board  (CARB).

Governments worldwide are taking action to address the negative impact of petrol-powered gardening tools. Some have already implemented measures to limit or ban their use. California, for instance, has announced plans to phase out the sale of new petrol-powered small off-road engines (SORE) by 2024.

This has sparked discussions in other countries and states to adopt similar legislation. Although there are no national UK regulations to restrict petrol-powered gardening tools, local councils can impose their own restrictions based on noise and air pollution concerns. As more people become aware of the environmental impact of petrol gardening tools, it's likely that future regulations will propose phasing them out or limiting their use, in favor of more eco-friendly alternatives.

Companies such as EGO, a popular gardening tool manufacturer, are taking action to address this issue. In 2020, they launched the 'Challenge 2025' campaign to encourage outdoor power equipment users to switch to battery power within five years. This will lead to significant reductions in emissions and noise, while increasing safety and user comfort.

EGO's report found that there are many benefits to switching to cordless battery kits has numerous benefits: eco-friendly, quieter, less vibrations, low-maintenance, user-friendly cost-effective.

74% of the 1255 people surveyed by EGO admit they believe battery offers better value for money and easier usage than petrol kit.

Some key statistics around emissions that EGO found in their report:

11x more CO is emitted by a petrol-powered leaf blower compared to a Ford Fiesta

4x more NOx is emitted by a petrol brush cutter than a Ford Fiesta

Petrol-powered tools were found to use high levels of petrol and exceed permitted levels of particulates during emissions tests. These tools are not held to the same standards and testing as road vehicles.

By producing zero emissions, battery kit can help reduce noise pollution and are a great long-term investment with no fuel costs other than to recharge the batteries.

Are there any disadvantages?

Disposing of dead batteries can be harmful to the environment. especially if they are dumped into landfill. Recycling options vary by region, but this site makes it easy to check your nearest recycling options:

Extended the lift of your batteries is the key to success so regular charging and proper storage of lithium batteries will reduce the need for frequent replacements.

Here at Melanie Kerr Garden Services, hold the environment and our health as our valuable assets and use only battery kit for that reason. We've only got one shot at making a difference so lets make it a sound one.

What are our battery operated kit recommendations?

Ryobi is a well-known manufacturer of dependable tools that are used in both household and industrial settings.

Ryobi's product line has significantly improved in quality in recent years and now includes more than 125 items. All of their tools use 18-volt lithium-ion batteries in the One Plus system, which is known for providing impressive value and ample power for most tasks.

The batteries are sold separately or you may find that you can get a starter kit with one of the tools. Anything bigger than a 3ah is bulky and adds quite a lot of weight to the tool.

Get in touch if you need a hand deciding on what the best solution is to get garden looking great this year. We offer Garden Consults by zoom if you are not in Bristol.

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